There is a grace, an elegance to morning. I don’t always see it.

I must admit that, on most mornings, a very comfortable bed is far more inviting to me.

But on this morning, the light was just so. The cool air had thinned the smoke from devastating wildfires well to the north of us. The wind was still. And the sun had just peeked over the ridge behind us. It was like this section of the earth was greeting the day with a renewed hope.

The digger pine, full of pine cones, greeted the sun as it shed old, dry needles.

Pine in morning

The lantana bush just laughed. It knew that the day’s heat was coming. She loves the heat.


The sunflower began its sun salutation.

sunflower in morning

Each subject posed just so. I captured their shapes and colors. I hoped I had captured their essence.

Then I went back to bed.


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  1. Love how you portray your plants


  2. I like the going back to bed part 🛏

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  3. Great photos, and going back to bed offered a satisfying ending, hehe

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  4. Beautiful musings on the quality of morning

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  5. Almost a poem, your words glance across your space like light kissing the sunflower. Nice pictures that compliment the words … or is it words complimenting your pictures? Either way together they are soothing and I love that you went back to bed after. 😂🤣😃

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  6. Thank you as always for sharing at Senior Salon

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  7. i enjoyed the narrative as each photo emerged, your descriptions enhanced their beauty, really lovely share


  8. This so nicely done! Beautiful photos!

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  9. Thank you. I am very lucky to live where the natural world is just outside my back door!

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