Quail Hollow

This morning felt like fall. Almost cold, very bright and gently quiet.

Field in sun

Except for the whining of dogs.

A quick investigation, which required the skill of looking out a window, revealed the cause of the canine anxiety.


QUail in field

The field next door had been raked down and the quail had found a bounty of seeds and little critters. They even invited a their friend, Mr. Dove (whose partner has returned!!!) to the sumptuous breakfast.

dove and quail

They were not about to leave just because some silly Cocker Spaniel wants to have a meet-and-greet! It certainly helped that they were some distance from the source of the high pitched complaints.

But greet these dogs would!

If it is one thing that a Cocker Spaniel can do, it is greet. From the yippy little “Hi, I am the dog. Pick me first.” To the growling, guttural bark of warning. And, if they are really excited, there is the continuous, “I see (smell or hear) something and you better come right now because it is going to eat the house and then I will be all alone and I can’t do all the protecting around here and I don’t care if it is just a lizard (or rabbit or cat or deer) and I don’t care that it is clear on the other side of the universe because my job is to let you know that it is here” bark.

Being a kind, considerate neighbor, it seemed necessary to let the birds dine in peace. Because, if you must know, quail are a red alert danger. They require continuous warning.

It also seemed necessary to give the rest of the world a little peace. After all, if a red alert warning is coming from one house it is meant to be transmitted to the next dog on the alert chain. And from there to the next and from there to….Yeah, it gets noisy.

George and Gracie were not, then, permitted to join the diners or even note their presence but were restrained in the side yard. They were also equipped with their bark collars.

George and gracie 1

George and Gracie in dog prison

They were not pleased but tormenting the neighbors (or their own household) is a lesson they must learn.

The day then warmed. It became brighter. And the quiet gently remained.

Until the dogs saw a cat.


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  1. This was so cute, I had to read it to Jeff.

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  2. Macia, I hope Jeff liked it!


  3. How outrageous that the quail forgot to invite the dogs to the party.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I know! So snobbish of them!

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  5. Aaaawwww, George and Gracie look so sad…. but spaniels certainly know to give you those sad-dark-eye looks !!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. A lovely take on all this – especially the last line 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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