I am BACK!!!!

Wondering where I was? So was I.

Talkin’ to Myself had a forced hiatus. For a very good reason!

I got a new computer.

A cute little 13″ Dell XPS. Small enough to carry in the backpack on the plane to Spain (which will not land in the plain). But powerful enough for me to do everything I want it to do. The Acer had begun to show real signs of aging and this gift allowed me to put the Acer to rest.

Being a smart, educated woman, I figured I could EASILY transfer all the data to the little guy. Just a couple of hours, I thought. (I am about to give up on thinking. It is highly overrated.) Two days later I drove to the electronics hospital and had the good nerdy guy do his thing. It was worth every penny.

You see, the two days of my effort led 1) to personal discord, 2) relationship discord, 3) the very near loss of ALL of my pictures from Antarctica! The latter being the most traumatic and, in fact, led to #1 and then to #2.

At some point, someone smarter than I had put them all on a flash drive and I found that sucker! They later reminded me that I had a complete set of those pics on a camera disk that I had saved. I thanked my lucky stars for that!

I got the computer back today. It needs a little personal touch organizing and rearranging but it is in my possession and working. (Exhibit A is this posting!)

In the meantime, I got a bit of weaving done (the samples are done and the scarves have been started!),


the dogs got more attention than usual,


and my singing got some much needed attention.

VAE photo

I think I am learning lessons in balance.

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  1. Hi, Good to have you back, up and running, I’m totally jealous of your new computer, (Mine is playing up, seems I’ve a video component problem) your scarfs look gorgeous, but not quite as gorgeous as the dogs !!

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  2. I love you!!! I have to say, being away from the writing and comment was hard on my psyche!

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  3. So glad you recovered your photos, Gizzylaw. It would have been a tragedy had you not. Regards. Tracy.

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  4. Thank you, Tracy. I would have been crushed. Now I know how to save them properly and redundantly!

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  5. Amazing weaving, I am glad all is well!

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  6. All is well. Thank the universe. Or whatever….


  7. Well done with pc, weaving and singing

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  8. Sometimes the nerdy guys are fantastic, other times times not so much. I bought a new computer and asked to have all my files from my old one transferred, they did not transfer it all. Fortunately I do have the things I was most concerned about on an external hard drive – I can’t find it, but it’s here, somewhere….oh technology! Glad you’re back and all set up. I will look forward to reading ….

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