This is a warning to all my faithful followers and blogging friends and acquaintances!

On Monday night I and 52 other singers with the Vocal Arts Ensemble* will depart for Spain. I leave behind my dogs, the cat (she claims the spouse, not me) the spouse, the oaks and the dirt road. I am also leaving my laptop.

I had planned to take the new computer. I bought it with the idea that it would go with me and I could blog when I was in the hotel room. Thus, I reasoned, I would be using only wi-fi and not phone data to chronicle this amazing trip. Sounds quite logical.

My daughter, also a singer in VAE, advised against this action. She warned of damage to the computer even if it was in my carry-on backpack. She thought the plan was downright stupid.

I considered this.

I was then told by my carpool friend that the plan was more than stupid. He pointed out the extent of our schedule, the number of transfers from city to city. The innumerable ways that I could forget, misplace, drop, or otherwise lose the contraption.

I considered this.

Then he reminded me that on our last European tour in 2015, he stayed up late every night on his computer, did not get sufficient sleep and became quite cranky and didn’t have the fun that he thought he should have had. He also missed many of the things he wanted to do because he was too tired to do them.

I considered this

As my suitcase became fuller and my backpack became heavier, I considered the advise that had been given to me. I also considered that the purpose of this trip is to sing. Site-seeing is secondary. Writing about it in a form that is more than notes and impressions is tertiary.

I say this because this is an international choral competition with 42 choirs from all over the world. We have worked on this particular repertoire last May. We want to be at our very, very best. We have been selected as one of three choirs, to perform at the Cathedral Barcelona! (The official name isย  Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia)

It is the 7th Canta al Mar Choral Competition and Festival. It is a big deal. Good grief, it is a HUGE deal.

Canta al mar2

I decided to leave the computer at home.

For that reason, Talkin’ to Myself will remain silent for two whole weeks (unless there is something spectacular and I can find a place to use my phone without spending exorbitant amounts on fees and such). A trusty notebook I will have at all times.The upside of all the silence will be several after-the-fact posts of the entire experience.

I know you will miss me. (hehehehe) Just don’t forget to come back!!!

*go to the website and using the ‘NEWS’ tab, scroll down to any video. I recommend Veni, Veni, Emanuel as we are singing that piece in the Sacred Music competition.

CA Vocal Arts logo

VAE logo for Spain tour. Designed by Ashala Lawler





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  1. Have fun and best of luck.

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  2. Wishing you a safe and fun time!

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  3. I will be watching for your return and wishing you safe travels and much success in Barcelona. Cheers!

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  4. You are kindly welcome – enjoy your trip!


  5. Good luck, Gizzylaw. Sing well. You can use wifi on your phone to send us an update. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Kind regards. Tracy.

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  6. Break a leg….writer, Weaver, legal eagle.

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  7. Have a fabulous time and sing your little heart out. Love you and Iโ€™ll look forward to your report when you return. Happy Trails, Julie


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  8. Enjoy your adventures! Looking forward to hearing about them on your return ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  9. I’m sure you will do your best, and wish you well. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be here when you come back

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  10. You do make me smile. Even giggle! I will have wifi in the hotels so I can messenger every now and then. Pay attention. It may be me calling! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  11. I will miss you!!!
    Have a great time!! Good luck performing to ALL of you!!!
    Safe travels my good friend!!

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  12. Hey Gael thank you for the referral to Go Dog Go!

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  13. I will miss you โ€” but I’m looking forward already to all the stories you’ll have when you get back. Have a WONDERFUL time!

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  14. We will have a great time. We always do. Thank you!!!!

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  15. Good luck and hold in your memory and Heart all your adventures. The blogs of you trip will take on a new and exciting angle not the same as real time accounts. We look forward to your return.

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  16. Wishing you all the very best and enjoy yourself.

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  17. Sounds so exciting!!! Good luck!

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