Lake Mueller

The dog run is built in the hollow between to rolling foothills. It is a natural runoff for excessive water from above. It is sandy and soft from all of the erosion such runoff can cause. It grows strange, flat, green plants after a good rain.

But if there is enough rain and enough runoff, Lake Mueller appears.

2019-02-02 10.17.38

Last nights storm provided enough moisture to allow a small boat to sail from coast to coast but failed to reach the garden area. Thus the record size reached in previous years still stands.

The storm also provided enough wind to send the deck swing to fly over the railing. The railing is fine. A couple of well earned marks but no gouges. The deck swing lost its canopy (its use as a wing is gone) but is otherwise unharmed.

The lesson is: when the forecast is for high winds, believe it. The gust that sent the swing into the air was around 35 miles per hour. It managed to knock over a potted cactus but the rest of Chez Mueller is as sturdy as ever.

It was an interesting night.

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  1. Mother natures storms, provide us interesting results, and always something different, no two storms are the same….. It’s 35’c here today

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  2. Bet you could use this rain! Be careful, Ivor. You have to get to New York!!!


  3. Glad there was relatively minor damages and not more

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  4. Yes Gael it’s very dry here,xx

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  5. That storm sounds WICKED! Poor cacti. 😦 But now you have a lake, so congratulations I guess on your new “water feature.” πŸ™‚

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  6. Soon I will be able to take a “mud bath” with the dogs!!! hehehe

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  7. Wonderful for the complexion! πŸ™‚

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  8. This has already been commented. But, It is time to go Skinny-dipping. Ha Ha. You have such a beautiful place to live. I can see that your visual life is completed.

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  9. It’s a great idea, Gael, naming that lake. Another lemonade, β€˜tis.

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