Hell Week Gets Rain?!?!

The week before a concert is labeled at “Hell Week”. Rehearsals are longer and occur almost every day. The logistics of getting 50 people on and off stage in a manner that does not resemble a cattle stampede takes time. Mostly because the people insist on acting like cattle. Instructions are not always heard through the low mutterings and shuffling feet which leads to more muttering and shuffling feet. It is a slow process.

Generally the feelings go from “Yea, we are singing!!!” to “Really? Do we have to do that again??” to “I think I am going to cry”.

It can be frustrating and intense.

Going to rehearsal we had lighting out over the ocean. We knew that a good sized storm was coming. But we knew we would be safe in our rehearsal room.The rehearsal, with all its frustrations and noise, kept us from experiencing the the noise and rush of the storm.


Santa Barbara lightening

Santa Barbara last night. Photo by Mike Eliason

The drive home from last nights rehearsal was the essence of tense. Flooded roads, threat of landslides from overly saturated hillsides, and remnants of trees scattered in our path were part of the problem. The constant, consistent rain was another. Dark was right up there as a leading cause of tenseness. General traffic using high beam headlights did not help.

Home should have come as a relief.

Arrival in that sanctuary was scary. There was a light in the back that I knew was a flashlight. That meant that spouse was back there doing something.

It is very late, I am tired and grumpy (did I mention that I have a cold??). I know that the flashlight and the person attached to it would be there only if it was absolutely necessary.

The storm had dropped over an inch of rain in less that 4 hours. The creek behind our house that I had frivolously named Mueller Babble was no longer babbling. It was roaring. It was racing down hill and trying to take our new fence and our well with it. The spouse was clearing channels for the creek, pulling out debris and obstacles that kept its waters from flowing. We spent the next half hour carrying sandbags to the well through the swollen and angry creek.

2019-03-05 22.42.45-1

Trying to sandbag the fence

We have been lucky. The rain lessened, the well is safe. The fence may need repair. But we are safe. These pictures were taken this morning.

What better way to expend the  frustrations and grumpies of hell week!

Today is an off-day for rehearsals. I think I will go back to bed!

(Send those ‘break a leg’ messages!)

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  1. So sorry you had to do that last night We are all so happy to stay home today Hang in there. Say hi to Mel. Pat



  2. Sure. Break a leg. Your pre-concert sessions seem undeniably stressful. Still, we know here in the UK that dress rehearsals have to be bad if the concert is to be good. You’ll be great!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You seem to be having a lot of rain lately Gael. Main thing is, your safe, albeit grumpy and tired… rest up today…


  4. You are absolutely correct! We will be ready for our performances. Then I can sleep. If it stops raining for awhile!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I must say, with all the circumstances you will need to do what you can and let t he rest fall into place. Your safety is important. The photos are great.


  6. Yikes! That actually sounds scary, to look in the back yard and see this torrent instead of a stream. I’m glad you made it through OK, though, and will keep my fingers crossed that you’ll have less dramatic weather from here on out. Hope you’re over your cold by now, too. Take care!


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