National Dog Day

Who comes up with this stuff??

But it is National Dog Day (for whatever reason). That is a DAY that I cannot avoid.

Mohawk, LadyBug and Zelda- Bakersfield

LadyBug, Zelda and Mohawk @1998-9

They were our first “pack”. LadyBug and Mohawk lived for 16 years. Zelda lived for 15.

Then came ‘The Hooligans” as there dear vet, Dr. Harley Boos named them. On Christmas Eve almost three years ago.

2015-12-29 11.03.22

George and Gracie age 10 weeks

They run the roost.

National Dog Day? Isn’t that every day???

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  1. Your puppies are much like my Banshees. I would not trade them for a Million.

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  2. I’d fight for mine as if they were my kids! I know how you feel!

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  3. You have been blessed with some adorable dogs in your life. I have had mine for 3 years and every day is dog day at our house. Love her to bits! #SeniSal


  4. What cute dogs. I come to you through Esme’s Senior Salon


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