The Watch Dogs

The office is a place to write, play computer games, listen to the dogs snore and otherwise get away from the outside world. Admittedly, the reading of news does not fall into that scenario but that happens as well.

When the news does interfere with the peace and tranquility of a game of solitaire or Clutter IX or Viking Brothers, the dogs become a welcome distraction.

Except when the UPS or FedEx delivery trucks come down the hill.

At first sound, they break ranks and search for the potential intruder.

2019-11-18 15.12.36

Then all hell breaks loose.

George and Gracie have deemed it necessary to protect our home at all costs. That includes barking, louder barking and loudest barking. The noise is accompanied by a whirling dervish of motion. This, of course, raises the dust hiding in plain view on the tile floors. The particles of matter shine in the afternoon sunlight that streams through the office window.

There are loud reprimands. And the obedient dogs eventually sit and remain quiet. All the while staring at the human that reprimanded them. George continues to whine in low tones. Gracie hangs her head.

When the danger has left the area, when it can no longer been seen, heard or felt, they are released to re-assume their positions.

2019-11-13 15.06.18


And I return to my regular scheduled programming.

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