It’s Been Awhile


Some days I think about it. Most days, anymore, I don’t.

Occasionally, I can smell the scotch. There is a memory of the taste.

November 16, 1999 was the last time.

It is different for everyone.

Some have an almost unbreakable relationship, some a passing fancy.

But all who succumb to its power and then decided to break free, do so in their own way and it their own time.

Some succeed. Some don’t.

We don’t know which we are until we leave this earth.

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  1. I’m so proud of your strength and determination! I’m proud to be your friend. Dan’s date is December 6, 1988. You two are both awesome humans. He’s just 11 years older ❤️


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  2. And I am proud to be your friend!! Much love!


  3. So…reading the below is says your AA date is November 16, 1999. But I have in my reminder notes that the year is 1998. Did I write it down wrong? J Sent from my iPad



  4. That’s well done on the sobriety–congrats.

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  5. Well done Gael, I have not given up, but but basically slowed down to a dribble. The compulsion to drink has gone.. 😊

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  6. I’m so proud of you!! You conquer all that you attempt and more!!

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  7. Sometimes it works that way. Grief, stress, pain are all large contributors. And time is, in some cases, a great healer. Much love to you, my friend.

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  8. Well, I don’t know about that! I do occasionally walk away from adversity. But not until have had my head bashed in….so to speak!!!! XOXOXO


  9. Thanksgiving of ’89 for me, and you nailed it. Sometimes I can still taste the ( in my case) brandy.

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  10. Good work!! And thank you for reading and ‘getting it’! Be safe and well.


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