The 5-Point Squirrel Shot

There is a very large pine in front of the house. It is a Pinus sabiniana with vernacular names that include foothill pine, gray pine, and digger pine. It only grows in the foothills of California.

Our Pine Tree

It has GINORMOUS pine cones that come in clusters. They are know to be Squirrel Crack. Sunup to sundown, those cute little (well, not so little) critters run up the tree and work to get the tasty little seeds out of them. All day, every day.

The thing about gray squirrels is that they know how to throw away their trash. It does not stay in the tree with them. They don’t smear the left-overs in their hair. They don’t sit at the table and wait for someone else to do the dishes. Oh, no.

Fresh Squirrel Crack

They are fastidious creatures.

When dinner (or lunch or breakfast) is done, the pinecone carcass is dropped. All the way to the ground. The physics of a large pinecone being dropped from 30 feet above ground is not explainable by me. (General math is a mystery to me and physics is way above my paygrade!) Although, there has been some left near the fire hydrant as evidenced by Exhibit A below.

Exhibit A (please note pinecone in the foreground)

The general area for pinecone detritus is usually away from the trunk and closer to the shed. Rarely do the Squirrels consider the vehicle area a significant place for the trash. Squirrels, as far as we could tell did not have good aiming skills. So we did not worry about damage to the fire hydrant.

Silly us.

So, today, whilst sitting on the front porch, spouse heard the sounds of Squirrels at morning repast. Gazing at the tree, in an attempt to discover the location of the offender of local peace and quiet, spouse spotted, not the Squirrel, but the leftovers.

The ravaged pinecone came straight down, hit the curve in the trunk, bounced out to the right, and hit nothing but net into the old wine barrel! BOOM!

The evidence is Exhibit B below.

Exhibit B

That, my friends, was a 5-Point Squirrel Shot.

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  1. LOL! Having lived near pine trees in 3 states, I do declare this a 5-point tale of said Squirrel Shot. Thank you for sharing – still chuckling….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha .. great Five-pointer by Mr Sharp-shooter Squirrel … great witty story, and great photos Gael … Ivor is smiling … 😀😊


  3. I am so glad to bring a smile to your face!!!! I hope you are safe and well. I am (at least until I get hit on the head with a pinecone!!!) hehehehe

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m Ok.. except it’s now nearly winter here.. a chilly 1’C this morning ..


  5. You need a scarf!! (or a blanket!)!!!! Not being pushy just reminding you that I have some still!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yes .. if I wasn’t so broke, I’d buy them now … maybe I’ll make some money from my book .. Hehehe..


  7. I bought it!!! I am pushing it on a couple of my poetic friends! And I understand broke!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Yeah .. the book is unavailable at the moment . .. a couple of small errors are being corrected .. hopefully it shall rolling again soon. ..
    Now I’m getting too old to do my ‘plumbing cash’ jobs which would always give me some extra money to play with
    … Cheers Gael .. have a great weekend 😄🌏


  9. Great post! I learned something – I didn’t know about Pinus sabinia


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