On to the Antarctic Circle

2018-01-27 18.33.49

Some days Mother Nature is contrary. On any given day the Antarctic Ocean is contrary and difficult.

We were on our way to Detaille Island inside the Antarctic Circle. We spent a day sailing in choppy seas and fog.

It was a perfect day to rest up from the previous days exertions. Hiking through slushy snow, climbing hills and still trying to find your sea legs while dressed like Randy is “A Christmas Story” is EXHAUSTING! We didn’t realize how tired we were until we went to dinner. A good half of our contingent skipped the meal!

Since skipping meals is not my forte, I put forth all my energy on a fantastic dinner and a devilishly wonderful dessert. I do have to keep my strength up……….

On of the many nice things about traveling with Zegraham’s is that meal seating is open. There was a set meal time as there are less than 100 passengers, but you could sit anywhere and order whatever you wanted. The result was that you had the opportunity to meet most of the other passengers. It made all the meals fun. It also made a lot of friendships possible.

Bed that night felt really good. But somewhere in the early morning we were awakened to the announcement that we were about to cross the Antarctic Circle. Since we had that forward cabin with windows, we sat on our couch and watched a bunch of crazy people celebrate with a snowball fight, the ringing of the ships’ bells, and general hoopla.


They were dressed like Randy. We weren’t.



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  1. Love the Randy image!


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