It’s a HAMMER, Not a Mallet

Occasionally, just occasionally, I have been know to be a bit obtuse. Some might say that I  have a stubborn streak. Others might say the term should be bull-headed. Still others may use the term I don’t listen well. And still others—–well, not in polite company…..

I qualify all of that by recognizing that I am a serial concentrator. (I like the sound. Don’t think Webster’s has listed that one as a word) I start to write, which reminds me that I haven’t finished paying the bills on line. That reminds me that I need more gold thread for my current weaving project. That reminds me that I have to re-set the treadles on my loom for the current projectVisit Site. Which makes me walk past the kitchen which, I am reminded, needs to be cleaned up.

All of which I start to do. In serial order. With an intense concentration.

Until one of the projects hits me over the head and I stay there for HOURS. It is the proverbial hammer (not a mallet). It stuns me into paying attention.

Today it was the feeding of the dogs that got me back on the loom. I realize that statement makes no sense. But for a serial concentrator, it makes perfect sense.

The pups (ok. They are dogs) woke me up this morning in the usual manner. Whining to go outside. I arise and open the door. Then, per the usual morning dance, I go to get my coffee and the dogs sit outside the back door and stare at me with those big brown eyes.


That door is right next to my loom. The loom was looking very lonely and very unkempt. It was only partially dressed. Thread were hanging from the heddles and the reed. (That is weaver speak. Just think of threads piled on top of each other) Some were tied neatly, some were not.

So, after the dogs morning repast, I returned to the loom. I spent two hours re-setting the eight treadles (the foot thingys that lift the threads in a given order). Then I tied the threads to the rod at the front of the loom. There were some other little things that I had to do to make the threads and the loom ready to let me weave.

I did those things.

I sat down and began to weave.

I never know if the the thing that I planned will be the thing that appears on the loom as I weave. There are a thousand things that I could have missed or messed up or forgotten (remember serial concentration?).

But the design began to appear.

Getting all that done really took a hammer of concentration. (not a mallet!)

The dogs did get fed. The bills were paid. The thread was ordered. And now I am writing.

Wonder what will catch my concentration next.

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  1. There are many of us who will identify 🙂

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  2. It’s fascinating how different takes from the same prompt can be. Wonder what you’d make of my Mallet poem? Posted the link below.


  3. This is certainly something that many could relate to. There are a few things that can be improved in this post. You have some typos that could be addressed, you’ve hyphenated some words that should be a single word, there are a few spacing issues that could be addressed as well. Additionally, you’ve used the ellipses incorrectly. I hope my suggestions will help to improve your work.


  4. I would love to see you over at my blog sometimes. It’d be great to hear what you think about my work.


  5. Thank you for your assessment. I do appreciate it. Self editing is tough. I try to catch it all but very often I miss.
    The ellipses error is on purpose. I use it as a mental trail off rather than the proper American English definition of missing words. I write in my speaking voice since I “hear” what I write rather than “read” what I have written.
    This post is one of very few that are not written in one sentence paragraphs! After years of writing long, boring unreadable briefs and writs, I enjoy the staccato rhythm.
    I went to your blog. I LOVE it. Your ability to create characters is wonderful. I look forward to the next story.

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