George and Gracie

Even if you are too young to understand the cuteness of their names, you will understand that they are the cutest Cocker Spaniels! There is only a slight chance that you could die from all the cute.

Born in October of 2015, they were adorable in the “puppy pics” that the breeder sent.

I am not sure I was ready for the reality of two pups, litter mates at that. I thought I was and on December 24, 2015 they landed in our lives.

2015-12-23 20.37.00

They arrived a little dazed from all the attention that they received on their flight. Seems a lot of airline employees wanted to take them home! It took a while for them to get from plane to terminal as we watched the baggage handlers and airport staff say good-bye.

Once home, they took over everything. My sleep schedule changed. My meal schedule changed. And heaven knows that I spent HOURS teaching them the word “outside”!

2015-12-29 11.03.22

I will save the details of their training for a time when I have more patience. Litter mates do have slight issues of bonding. Luckily, we found a trainer that was familiar with the bonding questions and took those too cute pups and turned them into (mostly) well behaved dogs.

And they are still too cute for words.

Meet Gracie (for Gracie Allen) and George (for George Burns). Age 2 1/2.  They do make me laugh.

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  1. Soooooo cute!!!!

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  2. What a lovely dog story! George and Gracie,


  3. I appreciate the caveat about litter mates, so our new plan is to try to avoid that. Great to see you and chat with the kid and JR.

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  4. SO wonderful to have a little time to catch up and share. Thank you for letting me be part of your Mother’s Day!


  5. Adorable and love their names.

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  6. Awww, they are adorable. What a cute couple of pups and I love their names.

    Have a woof woof Awww Monday. ♥


  7. Adorable and sweet puppies and now grown ~ love the photos and videos!

    Peaceful Memorial Day to you in the USA
    C & Z

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  8. Such cute puppies and still very adorable.


  9. WHat sweethearts! Oh My Gosh! Once they invade your life it is never the same but actually better! Filled with lots more love and devotion. Thanks for the sweet share. HUGS

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