The Dog(s)

The Ragtag Daily Prompt is “DOG“. How can I NOT write about a dog (or dogs).

There was one dog that I remember from my childhood. Curly was his name. He, as I know now, was a stray that ended up staying at our grandmother’s house where he could run loose and not bother too many people. Back in the late 50’s dogs ran all over town. They knew where they lived and they knew where they could get a meal.

Over the years I have loved many Cocker Spaniels. All loving and gentle creatures. I wrote about them in All the Dogs.

Now it is George and Gracie. The “Hooligans”. So nicknamed by their vet, of all people! This, of course, is the man that wanted to take George home with him because he was such a gentle dog! Little did he know!!!

I caught George, this morning, with his ball. King of the Hill (at least until Gracie got there).

2018-08-18 06.42.33

This picture was taken at “Lizard Rock”. It was dubbed that because Gracie climbs over, around and attempts under to find the lizard that calls the cleft its home.

2018-06-08 09.43.46-1

After all the ball chasing and lizard hunting (catching only the ball, however) there must be sufficient time for a rest before dinner.

It is a DOG’s life!

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  1. They look so cute together. Love that one of George with his ball on the lizard rock

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  2. I think I’m back in love again, with two gorgeous dogs, George and Gracie

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  3. I am really working on getting their personalities in the photos. And, no, you can’t have them! hehehe

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  4. Don’t worry their personalities do shine through ….


  5. Dogs have a wonderful life if they have a good forever home. Too cute.

    Have a doggone good day. ♥


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