‘2018-08-19 10.04.09’


  1. I like this one best — more interesting.


  2. Thank you, Larry! Your opinion is very important to me! I appreciate it more than you know.


  3. To be truthful, sunflower “portraits” like these offer some technical challenges that can put both camera and photographer to the test.


  4. Talk to me! You know how I love a challenge!


  5. The technical challenge is seeing nice detail in the disk florets while not washing out the yellow ray florets. However, that dynamic range may be camera-limited. If you also saved the RAW files there might be a little more to deal with, but that’s a trip down post-processing lane.

    So instead, look up “rule of thirds” and then take a look at how you cropped the photos. Then decide if cropping with a non-rigid rule of thirds approach changes the way you look at the photos. Is your eye stuck in the middle, or does it move around in the frame, perhaps in the classic “S” pattern. I’ve never worried about the framing in the viewfinder defining the framing of the final image. In fact, we used to do an exercise to see how many different ways there were to crop the same starting frame. 🙂


  6. THANK YOU!!!!!! I hope I will see you next summer at the reunion!


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