A Birthday Party for Two

(This might appear to be a subject for another month BUT the word prompt was “remember”. I remember this (and I have pictures!)

Being a Christmas baby can be a royal pain. People are busy. There are presents to buy for everyone and one more seems ridiculous. Friends are at family gatherings far from home or on vacation. There is no time for a stupid birthday party.

It is the worst time to have a birthday.

But my parents worked at making it work. My older brother was born on Christmas Eve. I was born three days after Christmas. My parents wedding anniversary was on December 1. December was busy.

But each day was given its due. My brother’s day was set just for him. The cake, candle and presents were just for him. Christmas could wait until its appropriate day.

I got to have a party on my birthday.

When I was little it was the traditional cake, candles, presents and friends. At least those friends who were in town. My grandmother and great grandmother would be in attendance as would the Linda Vista “gang”. Jackie, Lindy, Terry, Tommy, Sandy, Linda. The cake was always a chiffon cake. It was my mother’s specialty.

But the one I remember  was on the occasion of my sixteenth birthday. My friend Cathy joined in the festivities. Her birthday was the day before mine and she had the same gripes. We decided that we would have a joint party. It would start on her birthday and end on mine. It would be the slumber party of all slumber parties.

My mother said we had about 30 girls there that night. I have no idea. I do remember that the hallway was blocked off with sleeping bags and accoutrements. I remember that Ronnie never stopped playing pool. I remember that Miss M. went to sleep in the dog house. I remember my brother Dan and his friends joining in the fun and then camping outside to waylay possible crashers.

That is how I remember that night. Chaotic, loud, and fun. Pool balls crashing in the garage, music and laughter in the front room. And my father sitting in his recliner trying to watch television in the next room.


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  1. You poor thing … terrible timing to be born right after Christmas (not to mention your brother arriving the day before!). But how wonderful that you at least have the memories and photos of this particularly festive celebration. Great post!

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  2. What a fine celebration. I agree, its a tough time for a birthday. My Mom’s birthday was Dec 25. I was pretty old before I realized that not all families had birthday cake for Christmas dinner. She didn’t like the date, but was relieved to have been called Carol rather than Holly or Star.

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  3. I almost got stuck with Holly! My great-grandmother intervened.


  4. We, too, have a December cluster. Until she reached adulthood and got married in America I shared my July birthday with a granddaughter born on 23rd. December

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  5. What a slumber party !! Yes it was a slumber party of all slumber parties. I remember there were at least 50 girls, lots of laughter, and lots of stories to share!! What fun!!!
    Thanks, Gael!!


  6. You have a picture of Debbie Kinkaid. She came from Chicago for just one year? Maybe 2? Did Ronnie Graduate with us or did she go back to Bakersfield? Those were 2 names from our past!!

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  7. I could not think of her name! Ronnie’s last name had left my memory banks as well. I think Debbie was with us only one year. I don’t remember Ronnie graduating with us.


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