National Dog Day!

2016-03-10 16.58.47

National Dog Day, you say? Really?

I have a couple of dogs. Just regular dogs.

OK. They are Cocker Spaniels and, well, they like to talk to me.

Right now, George is desperately trying to tell me that he HAS to go outside.  I will be back in a few minutes….



Potty break over, it is time to share the latest escapades in ball handling and lizard hunting. I think these photos are self explanatory. Remember, George is darker than Gracie. George is emotionally attached to any given tennis ball. Gracie will eschew the tennis ball for a real live moving lizard. They both love Lizard Rock.

2018-08-19 18.07.13

Exploring Lizard Rock

Then George loses the ball over the edge.

Soon (almost immediately) he is back. Ball firmly lodged like a ballplayer with his chew.

But Gracie finally rules the Rock. Hot, tired, thirsty but not discouraged. She is determined to get a lizard.


In a few short months, they will be three years old. They are still learning not to bark at the drop of a leaf but I cannot imagine one day without their sweet faces, their kisses and their sassy attitudes.

Even if it is a made up day, I like National Dog Day. I kinda like my dogs.

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  1. I love how you love your dogs.

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  2. I kinda like your dogs, ….. mum used to breed cocker spaniels, and when I was a little fella, I’d always be in the puppies kennel playing with a dozen little furry pups, and that’s where mum would find me…..

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