Oh, POO!

We have a very nice back deck. The view from it is spectacular and calming.

There are giant oak trees on the north and south edges that provide a modicum of shade. The view of the sky is mostly unimpeded.

Watching the clouds is a zen experience.

Sitting on the deck is letting go of every thought and care you might have. Especially if you are a dog.

2018-06-08 09.43.46-1


2016-05-28 11.32.57-1

Stick chewing 101

George and Gracie love the deck. It is not only great for lounging but it is big enough to be used as a racetrack.

2017-02-03 15.39.05

It is the first place they go in the morning and the last place they go before bed.

Yup. They go.

Unlike other dogs, these two do their business on the move.  Crouched and huddled over, they walk in ever growing circles until they have completed their chores. To save all of us the actual visual of this ritual, there are no photographs.

The reason that I raise the issue is that our pristine deck must be policed with great care. There are small presents located in many concentric circles. They might be to the right or the left, under a chair or a table, or, (oh, no!) under your feet.

And that is when you hear the expletive, “Oh, Poo!”


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  1. Love the picture of the deck!

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  2. Nice deck, and poo free too!

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  3. It’s all in the comma 🙂


  4. The sky has a different meaning when you feel a treat between you toes. That is what love is all about. Great photos.

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  5. The photographs are beautiful, but the subject matter (forgive the pun) kind of stinks. Haha

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  6. Well, there goes the Zen of it all!

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