For the Music

We have returned to California. We are all tired, happy to be home, comfy in our own homes.

We brought back with us a feeling, a shared experience that changed all of us.

We didn’t do that.

The music did.

Here is some of what you would have heard from the California Vocal Arts if you had been in Calella or Barcelona, Spain during this last week.

The first is “I Will Fly Away” sung in Calella at the first Friendship Concert.

From our Sacred Music Competition in the Barcelona Cathedral (yea, the big one!).

We are singing “Veni, Veni, Emanuel”.

Tomorrow or the next day or the day that I feel I am actually in the time zone that my body is occupying, I will write about the incredible experience of singing with this group while on tour in Spain.

Night, night!

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  1. Incredible… I’m quite emotional here…… my heart is beating tear of joy for you…… Thank you for these magnificent shares… simply brilliant Gael. xx

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  2. Ivor, we got a gold medal in the Sacred Music Competition! That doesn’t mean we won the category, it just means we obtained enough points from the judges to attain that status. Our conductor received a Judges Special Award for Best Repertoire! That was a GIANT deal. I will write more later about it all. How was China?

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  3. Oh Gael, you must be tired, when I got back from China I was still sick, and once the adrenaline had worn off, I hit the brick (China) Wall and slept/rested for 8 days xxx. I’m so excited about your trip and how well your group did over there in Spain. Looking forward to more pic’s and stories xx


  4. So lovely, Gael, and I got to see a close up this time! Glad to see you’re home safe and sound. Sincere congratulations on the success!


  5. I AM tired. But we have rehearsal on Tuesday night for our Christmas Concert which is in 4 weeks! I have a lot of stuff to memorize! Glad you are feeling better!


  6. Oh no !! Is it Christmas so near already on ğŸŽ„ğŸ˜‰


  7. Great post, You need to share more videos of your Choral. I really enjoy listening to them.


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