Summer, here in the dry, high desert is a dusty, dirty sort of place. The temperatures rise into the high nineties and then rise again into triple digits.

Even the wind is hot.

Which is why I love our oak trees.


They provide the shade and scatter the wind. They talk during the night letting you know that all is right with the world.

But shade or not, the dogs get hot. Fur coats are not for triple digit weather. So they get haircuts. Real, deep down shaves. Leaving only enough to prevent sunburn. (Did that one year. Ouch!)

They do look a bit like small beagles but they are all Cocker Spaniel. They don’t much care as long as they are not too hot and can chase a tennis ball!

But when the temperatures moderate it is obvious that the summer cut will not suffice, they are allowed a true and righteous Cocker Cut. It takes a few months to fully develop but any extra layers of fur seem to be welcomed.


Now I have to admit that is the cutest picture of the two hooligans. The only problem is that they were bright white when they came home from the groomers. The extra fur acts an an outdoor dust mop. Inside it is a dust dump! ==SIGH==. They are at the “warm fuzzies” stage. I think it is my favorite.

I do hope that it will stay cool enough for the full coat to grow.  But, just like me, they hate long hair. They hate being brushed and washed off and picked at for stray foxtails and nettles.

When spring comes to call again the groomer will have to use the short clippers again.

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