Twenty-Seven Years

If I hadn’t gone to law school, if I hadn’t been the top of the bottom third of my class, if I hadn’t flunked every interview I had for a legal position, I never would have met him.

But I did.

He was my first boss. That lasted about 2 days as the annual supervisor shuffle happened right after I got there. We became sorta friends. Then we became friends. Then… well, you know the story.

Everyone we knew warned us. “This won’t last”, “Two lawyers don’t make for a good relationship”,, etc.

The greatest challenge? How to avoid cross-examination during any conversation.

It’s been 27 years. We are both retired.

We still cross-examine each other.

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  1. such sweet young things! Happy anniversary. And its interesting how things work out.

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  3. Sweet! Congrats on a wonderful love story and happy anniversary!

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  4. Like the perms?? I thought we looked like two mushrooms!

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  5. Happy 27th. Yay you didn’t kill the poor guy yet 😉 😘🤗 Julie Sent from my iPad



  6. Wow! Married the day before your birthday? On my birthday? You really do like an action-packed December!! All kidding aside, sincere congratulations on your anniversary. Love is Grand! I’m sure looking forward to seeing you next year. Big hugs Gael.

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  7. Close. But so far, so good… hehehe


  8. Can’t wait to see you!


  9. Congratulations! That is wonderful – many said the same to me about my relationship with my husband – it won’t last. We will be celebrating 40 years in April. Take that naysayers! LOL

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  10. Congratulations instating the course

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  11. Nothing but the best for you two. Cross examination is a path to the answer.

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