Storm Comin’

It is dark.

It is windy.

It is morning.

Sky turning from black to gray to almost blue.

The clouds obscuring exploration of the universe.


My world is turning its face to the light of day.

John Denver is singing “Poems, Prayers and Promises”.

The words of Ahmed Best circle my brain.

Nestled in my room.

Surrounded by love and warmth

Excitement for a new day.



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  1. There is something peaceful about cold, dark winter mornings. I love your descriptions here. I just wish I could hibernate like a grizzly bear and enjoy the wintry scenes from my window, at least that’s how I’m feeling this morning. Tomorrow I might want to go sledding or have a snow ball fight. Ah, winter!


  2. Carol Hopkins, I just might join you in the snowball fight. There is a possibility of snow here in the next week or so. Rarely happens but it is fun when it does!


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