We Cannot Look Away: Not another 17, not another One

NEVER FORGET. From the writers at GoDogGo Cafe

Go Dog Go Café

We will not forget


Just another day
just another town
bullet perforated backpacks
spilling loose-leaf lined paper, textbooks
onto blood stained sidewalks
helicopters hovering
to give us the birds eye view
I tried to avert my eyes
out of respect for the dead
the injured
but I could not look away
Christine Ray

Even though I should
Because I am ashamed
At the bullets that rain
At the bullet point pain
Etched in their faces, rivulets in their eyes

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  1. Your young people seem to be leading the fight to have your gun laws changed. All power to them.


  2. Although it’s heartbreaking, I thank you for sharing this poem. We must never accept this as “normal.”

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  3. It seems to bring out the greatest sadness that the young people have not been educated in the Law that their Country was founded. Had they been allow to experience the truth, would they want to control that which is their right and obligation. Great post in remembrance.


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