Home is Where the Heart Is

The smell of spring.

It is brought by the breeze that comes over the ridge and is swirls over the sage and boulders in the canyon.

rocks in back2

Rocks in back

Everywhere growing things were sharing their essence, their color, their life.

The marsh, left by the winter rains, seems to relish the sunlight that will take the moisture from it.


The creek, once threatening to do dire damage, is now content to babble softly.


New roses and lavender wait patiently for more warmth (and a bit of time) before they share their gifts.


Meanwhile, a local herd finds Nirvana in a field made just for them.


A stunning day in a stunning place.

It is where the heart is.

What you can see, feel, and touch is out there for the sharing.

The idea formed that writing about such a place would be soothing.

Thank you, dear spouse, for helping to create a place of solitude.

writier's sign



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  1. A glorios post gael, your spring is a wondrous event, such soothing pictures for me to wake up to this morning…..and home is where the heart is …..

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  2. I hope your day is full of soothing touches, smells and sights. Thank you for hanging around when I go missing! I hope you are doing much, much better.

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  3. YES, I’m going ok considering… 14 days to go !!!


  4. And just think, you get to enjoy all this at one time.


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