Dusk at Home

Nothing much to talk about. The headlines scream. The pundits yammer on. The negativity drains all thoughts.

Look to the sky. Look to the ground. Be mesmerized by all that is there.

Beauty, stillness, heavenly smells.

What was the saying? Turn off, turn in, turn on?

But today was for turning out. For looking and really seeing all the little things.


The last of Lake Mueller. Now a marsh.

Lake Mueller has finally become a marsh. Not a good place for the dogs right now.  It will slowly dry out and become hard and weed free. Perfect for dogs to run.

The weeds are growing as they should. Like weeds.


An evening quail perusing the dinner menu

The quail are coming out to feed on the seeds and insects that the marsh provides. Their beauty always amazes me. We will soon be inundated with coveys of quail. The chicks are so cute.


The creek

The creek is slowly becoming a dry bed. The detritus that remains will feed the earth for new growth next year. The cycle simply continues.



The warm evening breeze brought the scent of lilac. Gentle and soothing. It will only be there for a few days.

A few glorious days in Spring.

Pay attention. It goes very fast and the wait for the beginning of the cycle is long.


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  1. I always think of you when I see my lilacs. You gave me great advice. Yes, it is all about the little things, like how beautiful flowers grow from bulbs, rhizomes, corms and,seeds.

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