Flight to Norway via New Zealand

I asked, “Where do I go?”

And the big man in the white shirt said, “Go there”.

I looked where he was pointing and there was a wooden kiosk with puppets on strings. They were clowns. They were silent.

I said, ” there is no door” but the man in white had become a wall.

I asked, “Where do I go?” and the lady with the clowns said, “Go through that door.”

I looked for a door but the wooden wall was covered in blue and white Swedish plates.

“There is no door,” I said.

And a clown said, “It is magic.”

A plate handed me my suitcase.

I looked at the man in white as I walked to the gate.

The man in white said, “They are on the plane.”

“I am going to Norway. Is that the New Zealand flight?”

“It is on the taxiway. You have to stay.”

I missed my flight.

Now what do I do?

(that was my very vivid dream last night. Does someone know how I got there???)

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  1. Oooh er. If I dream, I don’t know about it. Better that way, I’d say!

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  2. My guess is that you’ve been thinking about travel lately (perhaps an important trip), and that there are elements of the “if” and “how” that are unresolved. Your brain continues to ponder whilst you are sleeping — which is a good thing. The characters and visualizations may just be attractive detritus that part of your brain strung together for you. There is a lot more product of that brain pondering still hanging around. Enjoy the trip (figuratively and literally).

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  3. I am going to Ireland in January on a solo trip. I little anxiety? You think????

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  4. I know. That’s kinda what I surmised. Solo travel and introduce a little anxiety now and then, but it also creates an environment for observation that you can step in and out of.


  5. Solo travel *can introduce…


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