Commemorating Edward Bransfield Tartan Travels

What an honor to have the Edward Bransfield Tartan go to the Antarctic Continent!!! Follow Team South as they head to the continent that Edward Bransfield discovered!

Team South

Niall MacAllister, Team South First Mate and Jim Wilson,
chairman of the Remembering Edward Bransfield Committee

Niall MacAllister met up with Jim in his home in Cove last week to collect the “Remembering Edward Bransfield” hand woven scarf to bring to Antartica on Team South’s expedition this winter.

This is first scarf off the loom and extremely precious to Jim, so we are honored to bring on board Ocean Tramp.

The story of the creation of the weave is incredible and inspired by the personal experiences and inspired by the very colours of Antarctica.

You can read up on the fantastic story of weaver Gael Mueller HERE.

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  1. I am beyond words so proud of you !!! You worked hard for this and this part is completed !!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! A job truly, “WELL DONE!!!” Love you, Me

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  2. Oh Gael, you must feeling very proud at the moment….. congratulations , truly a wonderful achievement….

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  3. I am BESIDE myself!!! It is 2:30am here and sleep is completely alluding me. I keep looking at the picture of my friend Jim Wilson.

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  4. I understand completely…. It’s like when I’m told that one of poems in a Magazine tomorrow… I’m off my tree and can’t sleep….. well doe my friend….xxx

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