Snow on Thanksgiving

Going to our family cabin* for Thanksgiving (always at the end of November) was NEVER a good idea. At 4,700 feet, the nights were pretty cold and the days weren’t much warmer. The water supply would have been turned off, the pipes drained and antifreeze dumped into every internal drain—sinks, tub, and toilet. The place was closed to all but the mice and an occasional wayward bat.

Then, for a few years, we went anyway. We would carry water jugs, food, and extra clothing. Those were merry times as neighbors began to gather. No bonfires of course but I still have memories of my father leading the group in song.

It is too far and too cold for us now. But the neighbors that I have known for more years than I care to count, still go.

And they sent me a new reminder of why we don’t go and why I wish I was there.

Camp Nelson snow 11-28-19

*for the history of this cabin please go to  There is one entitled “The Water Meeting” and one entitled “The Cabin”. Enjoy a day at the cabin.

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  1. Looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks COLD bu BEAUTIFUL!!


  2. That would have really been roughing it. You would have needed a lot of water. I assume the heating worked okay.

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  3. Provoking such ambivalence

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  4. Hope you read the posts I mention at the end. The place is my happy place. Just as it was for my mother and my great-grandmother. And thank you for the kind words!

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  5. The cabin is heated by a wood stove and there is electricity so boiling water is easy-peasy! Thank for readying about it!

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