Wash and Fluff by George

He was an innocent bystander. George, that is. He just wanted a human to throw his ball. It didn’t have to be a good throw. Or a long one. Just enough so he could trot to get it and munch on its soggy, muddy covering. Then he would bring it back to the human.

The human seemed to like that.

That’s all he wanted to do.

He sat. He had squishiness in his mouth and he patiently waited for the human to pay attention.

To him, the human was paying way too much attention to Gracie.

The human had walked around the front yard, not even looking at George. The human was dragging dirt back into the holes in the ground and speaking loudly to Gracie.

George did not understand. Gracie only made part of the holes. The gopher started the whole thing. Gracie just wanted to play with the gopher.

She was ignoring the human. Gopher hunting required concentration. That’s why George didn’t bark or whine at the human. Don’t interrupt the gopher hunt.

George felt very good and ready for some fun where he could slid in the mud and dirt to get his slimy ball. But the human and Gracie were busy.

George felt good because he had just had a wash and fluff with Melanie the dog washer person.

George knew he was pretty. And George knew that Gracie was pretty, too. She was at the wash and fluff place with him.

2019-12-18 15.32.58

George had played with the new Basset Hound.  The Basset thought he knew George but had to check out Gracie. She growled at him. He left her alone. Then all the humans went someplace else and everybody played until it was their turn with Melanie. George likes to run with the other dogs. He knows he is prettier and cuter. Gracie played to but she is the smarter one and makes like she is the queen.

George likes Melanie. She likes getting the water all muddy and then making it clean. Gracie likes that part, too. Gracie doesn’t like the brush, though, and Melanie has to be strict with her.  Gracie gets over it.

George noticed, when they got home, that Gracie headed straight for a new hole in the yard. She tried to put her head in it. She succeeded.

2019-12-18 15.36.46 HDR

So much for being clean after the wash and fluff.

George did not understand why the human stopped speaking sharply to Gracie. The human just let out a very big SIGH!

But then it was dinner time and all was forgotten by George.

There was FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was the day of the wash and fluff.


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  1. Almost scary how successfully you mind meld with your animals!!! Must have something to do with how much you love them !!! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You put words in George’s mouth so perfectly. Were you once a canine in another life?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That is very likely…..hehehe

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Cute post about dogs. Your dogs? What kind are they?
    My name is Crystal and I come to your blog via Esme’s Senior Salon. I used to own dogs but owning a cat is so much easier. I have 1 cat named Daisy Mae.


  5. Crystal, they are Cocker Spaniels. I have written a lot about them. Take a peek at some of my older posts. We also have a cat but her hooman is the spouse!


  6. Aww, you have a cute and adorable pup! Hope they’re staying well these days!


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