The Dogs are Sad

They stretch as far as they can across the bed. They try very hard to cover every inch of the side of the bed where I sleep. They stare at me without raising their heads from their spot of despair.

2020-01-17 09.02.45

They have seen this before. The suitcase on the bed. The clothes and plastic bags spread where they can’t go. They see me standing by my the closet choosing pants and shirts. They follow me to my office where they watch me making lists at my desk.

They spend their days begging me to sit on the couch where they crowd around me like a hot dog bun. Gracie requires my presence in the room when it is food time. George is perfecting the Cocker Spaniel whine.

They know.

They know that this happened two years ago. They know that I am leaving.

In two days, on the exact anniversary of my leaving for the Antarctic, I will leave again. For Ireland and the unveiling of the memorial to Edward Bransfield, the man who, two hundred years ago, discovered Antarctica.

I will stand in the rain and remember the man who, although he would never know it, changed my life.

I will be standing with the members of the Remembering Edward Bransfield Committee, the descendants of  Edward Bransfield, townsfolk, and any who wish to be there. Some will be wearing the scarves named for the explorer.

The scarves I made.

2019-10-23 11.19.08

As I contemplate my travels this time, I am overwhelmed by the connections and the love and caring from those connections that led me to this place and time.

But the dogs don’t think like that. They just don’t like the fact that I will be leaving.

Shoot, they do this when I go to the store!

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  1. They know the activity, and they sense the vibe.

    Safe travels, and enjoy the your continuing journey.

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  2. Wishing you a safe and uneventful trip to Ireland, and all good things once you arrive there. And wishing your dogs peace and contentment and an inner knowing you WILL return. Happy trails to you.

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  3. With a tear in my eye, I loved your heartwarming story Gael…..Not sure if I’m teary for the doggies, or for the fact that i’m feeling your emotions and pride of this magnificent and rewarding adventure, that you’re about to go on….. I’ll be thinking of you, and my heart is travelling with you, on your sleeve,…. you’ll feel it there… Bon voyage xxx

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  4. Have I told you how much your words mean to me. I feel you on my sleeve already

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  5. Have a wonderful trip Gael, my words are always from my heart, so what I say has a piece in the ink you see….. time for a Bon Voyage song..

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  6. Be safe my friend!!! ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!! The dogs will survive with Mel. Probably better than he will survive with the dogs without you!! What a GREAT EVENT in Ireland you’ll have!! Love you!!

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  7. How can you resist their mournful eyes? 🙂

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  8. Have a wonderful trip, Gael! The two of them will be there to welcome you home 😊

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  9. Great punchline. Do I sense a touch of projection? Bon voyage.

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