Ushuaia, Part 2

What to do with 75+ people when they have to leave their hotel by noon and the boat they are suppose to get on won’t be ready until 4pm?

You take them on a tour.

It sounded like a waste of time. What could possibly be interesting in the Beagle Chanel or in a nature preserve? This trip was about Antarctica. Let’s get to the boat.

And so we did. Via a visit to the homes of some of the residents of the Beagle Chanel.

And, yes, that is Ushuaia in the background.

They took us out on a catamaran and the perspective of Ushuaia changed.

Just about the time that you think you understand the place—they would show you something else. Just to tickle your fancy, so to speak. On to a bus and off to the National Park and the post office at the end of the world!

As you can see, this was no waste of time. Somehow, (I do hate to admit this) I was wrong again…..

And then it was time to board. She didn’t look like much from the outside but she would be an elegant, exciting, safe home for the next week.

The Island Sky.



1 thought on “Ushuaia, Part 2

  1. AMAZING……..what a wonderful unplanned and unexpected surprise. This is absolutely the “trip of a lifetime” Gael. Sooooo jealous but so glad you did this!!!


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