The Crossing

The Crossing is a right of passage. It is the E-ticket you purchase to enter the waters of Antarctica. It is preceded by the gentle waters of the Beagle Chanel.

But do not be complacent. Do not be fooled.

For the Drake Passage has many moods. It may start with a few swells.

2018-01-25 18.36.28

But it can change its mind rapidly. There are no pictures of the Passage during her increasing restlessness. Cabin bound is the best position for those who have not found their sea legs.

Not such a bad place to be.

2018-01-24 16.15.452018-01-24 18.12.352018-01-24 17.53.48

Please note that in the picture of the sitting area, the window is black. It is covered, on the outside, by a steel plate bolted to the boat. We were in the most forward cabin and the plate was to protect the window (and us) from both killer waves and killer winds. The sliding glass door was bolted shut and a steel plate would be placed over it if necessary.

Get the point?

We had a relatively calm crossing (as explained by our expedition guides) but getting to the “facilities” that night required crawling.

(Personal note- the picture of the elephant and the camel is an homage to two people who could not be with us on this trip. One had work to do. The other watched us from beyond the bounds of this universe.)

What we awoke to was the first of many, many, many stunning sites.

Worth the price of admission, wouldn’t you say?

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