A Friend


We lost a friend today.

 Raised in the rough and tumble side of Philadelphia.

Rejected a football scholarship to become a Marine.


Awarded a Silver Star.

A hero.

Came home broken.

Hidden wounds.

VA did not acknowledge

Years of addiction and mental anguish past

Finally fully sober

He reenter our lives.

For 20 years

A brother, a friend and a confidant.

Sober and strong.

Then the toll

The payment for bravery

Too late the VA saw their error.

It helped.

Not enough.

He lost his way in a mind ravaged by old violence, old alcohol and old drugs.

All provided by the ones that wouldn’t save him.

Nightmares were his constant companion.

Cancer came calling

He is gone.

He cannot come back

I weep for what could have been.

Oorah, my friend, Oorah.


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  1. A lovely heartfelt tribute, I’ll attach a little poem, as I’ve grown older, some of my dear friends have suffered and passed, and I wrote these words to comfort myself and others, may your friend now rest in peace xx

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  2. Such a deeply felt tribute

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  3. Oh, Ivor. Thank you so much! Your words are a comfort. I will keep them close and read them often.

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  4. All the best, and it’s my pleasure

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  5. My heart goes out to you — and to all the others who loved Oorah, too.

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  6. Oorah for you and your friend. I’m sorry for his pain and for the pain of so many other vets. I’m sure your friend knows how much you love him.


  7. Reblogged this on Art by Rob Goldstein and commented:
    An oorah for our Vets


  8. Thank you SO much for the reblog. Ken would have liked that.

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  9. You’re welcome. Our vets deserve better. I’m sorry for his suffering and for your loss.


  10. A very sad ending. So sorry.


  11. May he find peace on this his final mission.

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