Seal Lullaby

Several years ago the California Vocal Arts Ensemble sponsored and organized the California International Choral Festival. We did it for several years. Choirs came for all over the globe to compete. It was based on the Spittal, Austria choral competition that VAE had participated in twice.

One of the choirs that came to our last festival was Junges Vokalensemble Hannover. They were (and still are) a very talented group.

I actually hadn’t thought about them much until the repertoire for our summer series was handed to us. This repertoire, by the way, is going to be sung all over Spain in about 8 weeks at the Canta al Mar International Choral Competition in Calella, Spain. One of the songs is Seal Lullaby by Eric Whitacre.

And the JUnges Vokalensembel Hannover does it magnificently.

The more that Vocal Arts sings the same song, the more I reflect on my travels to Antarctica. Ice floes packed with seals of all kinds; Crab eater, Leopard, Fur, it did not matter. Whether covered in left over krill or clean from a swim in the cold clear water they were at peace in their own home.


This fellow was encircled by dark, icy water. Sunning himself on the slow moving ice floe.


These were discussing something and then slept. A gentle swaying of the water easing the floe along its way.



Fur seals protecting their territory. Braying majestically to let all around them know that they live there.

I can’t image singing Seal Lullaby without envisioning this incredible creatures.

As I sing, I feel the slow swinging sea and thank them for allowing me to share it with them for a brief moment in time.

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  1. That was very moving, Gizzylaw. ❤


  2. A marvellous link between the music and your experience – making for a great post.

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  3. Beautiful music, and your photos are fantastic. … I added the song to a playlist of mine, Music For The Wall, I’m going to China in October, and while I’m walking The Great Wall, I’m going to listen to some music from all around the world that I’ve recorded…. The music I’ve attached below is one my songs, ….

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  4. You will be in China and I will be in Spain. According to my computers calculations we will be @ 700-800 km closer to each other then! I know, strange brain!


  5. Beautiful.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥


  6. for some reason WP is not allowing me to like posts today!! but I like it!


  7. Thank you! Don’t know if you saw my comment on your website but I am so glad I went there. I really like it!

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  8. Great musing! I love ties to our sea world. Very thoughtful.


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