Meandering the Forest

You can learn something today. That can occur even as you are playing a ridiculous computer game. According to the game (which is probably getting its information from Wikipedia which got it directly from the original source so it is surely reliable), the ancient Druids were partial to oak trees for their worship. Seems an oak tree was considered strong and mighty. The ancient word for oak was Dru. Thus, it is said, comes the word Druid!

This actually led me to meander outside. After all, we live in an oak forest. A small but mighty oak forest.

Oak forest

(Actually what led me outside was that I needed to supervise the one plumber that would drive 15 miles from the nearest town today to unplug our entire sewer line. But that is a whole other story that will have to wait for its appropriate time of telling.)

As I wandered I found this amazing tree. It had already lived its life. Its branches were, one by one, returning to the dust of the earth.

But it still stood proudly, showing a beauty that it had never before shone.

Now let us all go thank a Druid.

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  1. A nice Druidy mood to your photos


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