Pondering a Full Moon

soltice moon

Solstice moon, 12/21/2018 Santa Margarita, California, USA

It was full and bright. Full of promise and bright with hope. A beacon for my soul on a day filled with calamity and fear.

Pundits screaming that the sky was falling. Or was that the Dow? General’s abandoning their positions as indefensible. Or was that a courageous stand?

Confusion and chaos leading us amok.

But she rose at her appointed time. She gave light on a dark and frightened place. She promised the bringing of new life.

Today was Solstice. The recognition of the shortest day of the year. A celebration of the birth of a new year as the sun begins its life giving journey back the way it had come. It signals that life, in whatever form, will continue. Maybe not our species, maybe not in a form we would recognize in our current ignorance.

But life will continue.

Ask the big, billowing oak as she casts moon shadows.

She will tell you.

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  1. A nice, philosophical, contrast

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  2. Beautifully written. powerful in your words.

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  3. An absolute message. Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. That is not without mention to the other seasonal celebrations.

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  4. Brilliant piece. A strong and powerful message.

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  5. I have always felt humans have a wrongly inflated sense of importance if they really believe they are solely responsible for the changes mother earth makes in herself over the course of time. I mean, whos fault was the ice age? Excellent thought provoking piece.

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