The WordPress Wall

Seems that this platform thinks I didn’t renew. That is because they took two payments from a certain source and I disputed the double charge.

In order to post this little ditty, I had to pay them again. With a fine for disputing their charges.

That is the only reason that you are getting this post.

If you don’t get this post or you seem to miss any I might in the future post (I know, that makes no sense but I am a little miffed right now) then you will know that the matter will not be resolved until after the “Christmas” holiday that they seem to be taking.
A WordPress SHUT DOWN!!!!! They forced me to pay for their wall twice!

Don’t worry. I will have serious negotiations when someone (or maybe the computer) comes back after their holiday shutdown. It may involve moving to another country (I mean company)…

Good Grief!

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  1. They don’t know who they are taking on 🙂


  2. What really gets me is that there is no way to communicate with the administration. I got the notice this morning that they had shut off my domain!!!!!! By email!!!!! It will work out but apparently I have to rework my site again. No word that they can just restore it. Frustrating.

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  3. Tell me about it. They sent me an email back that makes it sound like the double charge was MY fault and so they charged me the fees for my bring it to their attention. (I am still fuming…)

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  4. Hang in there. I have found at times, a business will post a charge on your card twice. One is to verify, then the charge will appear. After the real charge clears. the first post will disappear. That may have been the double post.

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