Is it Spring Yet???

There is a beautiful plant that has beautiful blooms. It’s sole purpose is to bring happiness. It awakens every Spring and brings its delights to everyone who is near. It sometimes fights the occasional virus, maybe an insect or two.  It only asks for a little food and a little, well, more than a little, water.

For the last few years the water has been an issue. The well would rather send its findings to the household to which it is assigned. It got grumpy when its replenishing rate was rather low and the use was rather high. It just might threaten to quit. It thought about it. For five long years the well struggled to provide the household. There was no rain in the winters and spring did not flourish around during that time. The beautiful plants would have to wait.

But this year was different for the well. It began to receive offerings from sources that the well though had forgotten their obligations. As the offerings came streaming in, it appeared that past duties were finally being attended. The well was happy. The well even gave permission (happily, it might be said) to give water to the thirsty plants that had no other purpose than to give happiness.

Today, the next generation of beautiful plants were placed in the ground. Double Delight, Chrysler Imperial, John F. Kennedy and the twins, Happy Chappy were given a special welcome. The well did not even have to provide much of its stash as the ground had recently seen rain, hail and snow.

2019-02-25 16.44.17

The householders had provided extra food in the way of cattle effluent and decaying moss. They had anticipated the arrival of the beautiful plants and had prepared their rooms in advance. The well admired this as both items reduce the need for the wells contents.

The well expects more rain in the next few days. Then, so the well says, the Spring will provide the sun and warmth that the beautiful plants need.

It is hoped that these beautiful plants will be as exciting as the beautiful plants that adorned the backyard of the householders previous homes.

The home in Nipomo.


Bakersfield Garden circa 2000

A House is not a Home and Spring is not Spring without ROSES.

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  1. I love a backyard garden! My husband is blessed with a green thumb so there is always something new popping out of the ground. Your photos of your flowers are so lovely!

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  2. Good to see you managed to get the new roses in. Looking forward to updates on their progress 😊

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  3. Thank you! I love growing roses as they are so simple to raise. We are experimenting with other plants as the micro-climate here is so extreme.

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  4. The Roses. I love growing and caring for the Roses.

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