It is raining. Again. Still.

There were 4 wonderful days where we scurried around to clean up fallen branches, plant roses, restack and cover the wood piles. The sky was sooooo blue and crisp. The smell was so clean. Even got the dogs to the vet for their vaccinations. (No, dogs don’t get measles. Just a lot of other unpronounceable things!) And they were able to run in the yard without looking like Pigpen!

Our neighbor, bless his heart, was able to get out his tractor and level our dirt road. Rain water must run downhill and sometimes that is directly across or directly down our fragile link to the outside world. For a couple of days the road was kind to vehicle suspension systems.

Yesterday, it clouded over and began to sprinkle. Not bad. The dogs would still go outside and walk around. But they were suspicious. They do not like wet from the sky. They do not like wet. The minute it started to turn into real droplets they found sanctuary on the covered porch. They didn’t even come out to welcome me home from the grocery store!


Last night, the dogs decided the best way to deal with really loud thunder was to bark louder than it! The sky noise rattled our windows so you can imagine the decibel level of the voice of a small dog in those conditions. A little reassurance and they melted into sleep again. Three A.M. is not their busy hour.

Today it has gone from light to heavy and back again. The atmosphere is heavy with water. It feels gloomy and uninviting. The television has gotten some extensive use. The computer is getting bored playing the same games and reading the old news. The dogs have not left the chair.

george and gracie at home


There are dirty dishes in the kitchen. There is some yarn that is yelling to be warped. There is yarn on the loom that is wondering if it will ever be that scarf it was told it would be. There is even a fun little book that remains unread. The heavy, water-logged air has filled my lungs and made it hard to do anything but maybe write a little ditty about feeling dull.

Today the house is full of dullsville.


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  1. Haha, I know that dullsville feeling well, although mine is for completely the opposite reasons. Here we are heading for our 5th day in a row of 100’C, far to hot for outside activities. I’ve a visiting dog, Cyndi, and we are both filling our time doing nothing’s

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  2. In case you missed Cyndi’s blog

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  3. Stay as cool as you can! I would send you some rain but the cloud gods are on strike!! Do take care. That is killing heat!


  4. Staying inside and resting, and sitting out the heat-storm xx

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  5. “Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
    and remember what peace there may be in silence.”
    (with the thunder and barking dogs, perhaps you are wishing for a little silence)
    *Nice little story!

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  6. It was fun to write. It helps a lot.

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  7. Perfect description of what’s it’s like to be housebound during a rainy season – hopefully the deluge ends for you soon. (But it did give us the gift of your writing, so there’s that)

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  8. You are wonderful! Your comment made me smile in the middle of another drizzle! Thank you!

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  9. Aw, shucks, thanks eh. I do hope it stops raining there soon….

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  10. Do you have a mud season? Ours is fixed in April sometime. We’re still under three of four feet of hard packed snow up here (VT). Thank goodness for blog posts that keep us connected to the wider world. Enjoy your dull and down time. Really. Enjoy it.

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  11. The rainy days call for good books, some hot chocolate, and have your two so cute dogs by your feet. Hope you have some sunshine soon. #seniorsalon

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  12. We’re having winter today. Yesterday was spring. Wonder what tomorrow will bring. 🙂

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  13. Can’t believe you had a picture of Snoopy!! …one of my favourite character ever 🙂

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  14. The internet has all sorts of things!!!!! hehehe

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  15. We’ve gone from spring sunshine to dullsville in the past couple of days and, if the weather forecast is to be believed, we’re heading towards Mordor. But hey, we’re British, so at least it gives us something to talk about. Hope it’s improving for you, Gael 😊

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  16. Clive, you crack me up! If I remember correctly it was a proper British hobbit that saved us all from Mordor!! (Well, he was created by an Englishman so I assumed…)

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  17. I just hope his influence is still with us!

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