It was ALL Worth It

Rehearsals went every day except Wednesday. Performances were on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. THAT was a hell of a week.

The concert series was entitled Vocal Arts Goes Broadway.

Yeah, we sang show tunes. The major portion being sung by our incredibly talented members in solos and small groups.

Me? I sang with the chorus and talked.


My thing seems to be talking. Introductions, announcements (i.e. “The cookies are really good, folks. Have some at intermission.) and even conducting a little game called “Name that Tune”. Sorta fit the theme of the production.


me at Broadway

But the very best part of our Sunday show did not happen on stage. It happened when three of my dear high school friends found me at intermission. We were able to have a wonderful meeting with the Virginia Hanigan. She had been the wife of our high school math teacher, Mr. Steven Hannigan. Virginia was my music teacher as well and, at 92 still is as active as ever. She never misses a Vocal Arts Concert and to reunite her with old friends was incredible.

While Virginia scooted away, my high school friends were able to hang around for a picture.

Classmates at VAE

Me, Patty Imoto Ingman, Janice Staton Nelson, and Garry Nelson

What joy it is to have the same friends for over 60 years. These friends are amazing.

But just so you get a flavor of what you were not able to see in person—–Here are snippets from audience cameras of the finale and our encore.


It was all worth the effort. But, if you will excuse me, I am going to bed and sleep for a week!

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  1. You are a fabulous talker so glad that was recognized and celebrated. Sorry to miss this time. Love you my friend. Julie Sent from my iPad



  2. Loved this. Sounded so comfortable and joy of feeling that way.

    Sent from my iPhone


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  3. Well done. And terrific performances. And meeting old friends too. Result!


  4. “The cookies are really good, folks. Have some at intermission.” That’s wonderful! I have a feeling you add a lot of personality and warmth to the performances. And how wonderful too that you were able to reconnect with old friends afterwards. Enjoy your week of rest — I have no doubt it will be filled with fond memories and sweet dreams.


  5. Nice I haven’t been involved with anything like this, unfortunately, since my grammar school glee club

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  6. I enjoyed the video. Being a part of a performance group is what allows some of us feel whole. We will leave this Earth with our best Music inside us.


  7. Thank you, Julie. I love doing it. Some say “too much so”. I hope you can make the next series!


  8. Welcome to the Vocal Arts fan club! (of sorts) I write about this incredible experience and the joy that it brings me so that others can experience really good choral music. You can find us at and see what we are doing. Thank you for listening. There is more to come.

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