The Water Meeting

The family cabin is rich in its history. Our family history is splayed on the walls of a cabin rebuilt more times than can be recounted. Pictures of our families fishing and eating, talking and eating, contemplating the beauty and eating dominate that history. But above all our great-grandmother’s portrait dominates all.

2019-05-25 07.51.52

It was in 1923 when my great-grandparents found a sunny spot on a side of a hill. It was close to the river and, after a bit of exploration, a clear, clean water source was found. This incredible place has been passed down through four generations. One of the fifth generation made his debut at the cabin this weekend.

Need a little joy? Want a little awe? Take a look at Aksel on his first visit.

Want a little natural beauty?

2019-05-25 13.25.23

Mineral King Mountains from Dome Rock (Sequoia National Monument)

Or maybe this?

The south fork of the middle fork of the Tule River is running high. The traditional swimming hole is inaccessible but its sound and its smell are part of the history that lives on in each family member.

And what, you may ask, does this have to do with a ‘water meeting’?


We try to return once a year to meet with our neighbors on the pretext of maintaining the water system that was born in the 1920’s. We eat, talk and occasionally agree that this or that needs to be fixed in that system. During the inevitable discussion of how and when such projects are financed, the history of our little part of the world is passed down in stories and tales. Bears and raccoons play roles in those stories as does the occasional snake. Mostly it is a re-weaving of our memories and our friendships as we share the feelings of joy and awe that we overcome us every time we go to the cabin.


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  1. Hang on the to this. If you can. I love this “keep it in the family cabin”. Better than fortunes and business to hand down as our time here changes, but the natural world is still here. If we pass it down. Pay it forward. Maybe we can. Love, Pat


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