The Mama Bear Syndrome

There are times when life makes one use all the intensity that they can muster. It rises as part anger, part fear, part maternal/paternal instinct. It happens with bears. It happens with lions. It happens with most animals (I am no expert so I must leave room for the odd-ball animal). The warning is: “Don’t get between the mother and the baby.”

For humans, that warning extends well beyond babyhood. More than one pre-teen, teen, fledgling adult, and adult has had their mother rise, in all her fury, when she perceives an attack upon her offspring. This usually leads to sever  embarrassment on the part of the offspring. Parents, especially mothers, are generally not afraid of anyone, even the offspring, when they perceive danger.

There are stories from schools where principals have avoided the maternal parent. There are auto salesmen that suffered the verbal lashings. There are boyfriends that wilted under the female parental gaze.

In many cases the offspring simply says: “I got this”. The claws are retracted and pride replaces anger as the protected one protects themselves.

The Mama Bear Syndrome exists everywhere.

It can even extend to friends who are, because of the nature of the relationship, one who is entitled to that level of defense.

Such was the case with a dear friend recently.

The response to the instant raising of fur was: “I got this.” The claws retracted and gratitude for an incredible relationship took its place. Dear Friend did not require Mama Bear. She required Friend.

And so Friend extended her hand.

Dear Friend gave her thanks as only Dear Friend would. This came in the mail today—

2019-06-07 15.59.29

I shall wear it with humility and pride.

Thank you, Dear Friend!

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  1. Fittingly gorgeous Gael, wear it proudly, I’ve got my Philadelphia shirt on today, a gift from cousin, I haven’t stopped wearing it, haha, I suppose I need a Mama Bear to wash it…. xxx

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