By Jove, I Think She Got One!

Summer has slowly shone it pleasures here on ‘the mountain’. It isn’t really a mountain, more of a series of foothills that rise from the Pacific Ocean and march off past our meager 1700 feet of elevation (that’s 518+ meters to the rest of the world. A discussion best left for another time.)

It is ‘THE MOUNTAIN’ to us. Especially when driving to and from the nearest town is necessary on more than one occasion during a given day.

But I digress.

Summer means warmer temperatures. Usually hitting triple digits (again, around 38 degrees Celsius). The heat index has remained low through the Spring and just now is inching up to real warmth.

That brings heart palpitations to Gracie. The fearless lizard hunter waits many months to go in search of her prey. Sunshine and heat bring the quick footed reptiles to repose on rock and board where they can finally feel warm. But they must stay alert.

Gracie is on the prowl.

There have never been concerns for the welfare of our scurrying friends. They are much faster than an excited Cocker Spaniel. Gracie has spent nearly 4 years on this earth and no lizard has ever been touched by her. It is not for lack of trying. She eschewed tennis balls for the hunt. She ignores RABBITS for the hunt. Her purpose requires all of her Cocker brain to be focused tightly on the pursuit of the rascal lizard.

This morning dawned clear and bright. The air was cool but the sun, as it rose, was intense. The roses were in need of water. The tomatoes eagerly awaited the warmth. But somewhere, there was an un-shaded area that was perfect for lizard lounging.

And Gracie found it.


Picture of Coastal Fence Lizard aka Blue Belly from Wikipedia

Today, she brought to us a beautiful spotted, blue-bellied lizard, it’s head and tail protruding from her mouth. She did not wish to give up her prize immediately. Then she strode over to the rose garden and opened her mouth. Mr. Lizard fell to the ground and scurried under the deck, safe from doggie breath.

The soft mouth of her birding heritage prevented her from harming a scale on Mr. Lizard’s body.

It scared the daylights outta me!

(George was chasing a tennis ball the entire time. His obsessions are elsewhere!)

Tomorrow shall see more of the great hunt.

Upon whom do you place your bets? Gracie or the Lizard?

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  1. Oh, I’m very fond of lizards. So O hope the lizard wins!


  2. I think said lizard shall be much wiser…Hi Gael, I’ve had a few WP problems.. Seems a lot the bloggers that I follow had been wiped off my list of reads… It’s been a slow and frustrating task to re-instate the people I love following…….anyhow here I am. I”ll send you a piece of music you may like, by Damien Rice, with a choir backing…

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  3. The story brought a smile to my face this morning!


  4. I think Gracie is still smiling. She did have a bit of a prance about her for the rest of the day!

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  5. I really enjoyed this post. SO much bad news of late (not for me personally, but in the world at large). I am placing bets on the lizard – it has better odds. LOL


  6. I really enjoyed this post. SO much bad news of late (not for me personally, but in the world at large). I am placing bets on the lizard – it has better odds. LOL


  7. I hope this reaches you. WP is giving me fits. I can’t answer individual comments! I LOVE the music and thank you for reading about Gracie’s exploits!


  8. I love reading about your dogs, my mom used to breed Cocker Spaniels


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