We Are The World

The response from a little Facebook post of mine made me think that the rest of my readers (if you’re still there after my long absences!) might like to read it.

“Something amazing happened today. Spouse and I are self-isolated because of our age and some underlying conditions.

We live in the middle of nowhere.

The grocery store is 30 miles away and does not deliver out here. No one does.

Except for the hundreds of people who have set up Facebook pages to help out. To get food to those who can’t go shopping. To get medicines from the drug stores. To do whatever needs to be done to keep people safe and fed in their own homes.
I am beyond humbled that so many people responded when I said I couldn’t go to the store. SO MANY PEOPLE that were willing to help.
I found people who will keep our dogs if we get sick. People who will shop for me. People who will do whatever.
We are a village. We are the world.
We will get through this in better shape than when we started out.
I believe that today. Last night I was frightened. Today I have hope. Lots of hope.
To all who responded to my request, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

May you all be safe and well. Take the precautions. Take the threat seriously. Know that everyone has a village and, if you can, be that village.


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  1. A group was started on Facebook to help seniors and others who are vulnerable in our community as well. It made me a bit emotional when I read it. People really are inherently good. Thanks for this uplifting post.


  2. A wonderfully heartwarming story Gael…. especially in these days of people’s selfishness and greed…

    The Outlook

    Dawn reveals a brilliant red plume
    The Day Lily’s last bloom
    Slowly opening to a predicted gloom
    Casting a final shadow of colour in my room
    In life I know nature’s not the carrier of doom
    And next year they’ll be more flowers from her womb


  3. The Media can spin what is happening in whatever direction they wish. For the most part, they tend to lean towards our short-comings and fears. One day the World will learn how to control their output and find that it is not wrong to offer no opinion at all. Great post. As an old person, I find that the community is rich with healing capacities. We are blessed that we are here to experience the World that we are.


  4. I saw the good response you got to that post, Gael. It’s comforting to know that there are still a great many kind and caring people out there.

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  5. There are some amazing people out there! I am glad that I know them! Take good care, my friend!

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