Life at Home

It started out as a walk for the dogs.

Really. It did start that way.

Lately, exercise has been limited to the deck runway.


But today was bright and beautiful and begged for a walk.

Leashes on, gate open and a traipsing through the lushly green meadow. That was full of dried sticker plants.

Sticker plants and Cocker Spaniels in full coat do not mix.

So we stopped in the back yard to let them run in the dog run. And they led me to this:


Flowers, in the shade of the oaks and chemise, along George’s path.

So I took a few pictures…


Hiding under the chamise, blooming in the shade amid the granite rocks. They come to life and gave me a reminder that there is beauty everywhere, when you look.

And on the way back to the house, I found our first California Poppy waiting for the sun to clear the trees so that it could fully bloom.

2020-03-28 11.21.34-2

Then I spotted the peach tree and caught a little guy in the act. I left him/her/it alone. We all have lives to live.

2020-03-28 11.19.41-2

To say the little stroll with the camera lifted my spirits is an understatement.

Spring is coming to the mountain!

Stay safe, my friends, and remember that there is life everywhere.


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  1. Your pictures were uplifting. Made me smile. Thank you!!! 😊


  2. George is a clever lad, the flowers are gorgeous…. how are coping Gael…. keep well … stay safe….💙🌏


  3. We are coping fairly well. It is easier for us as we live, as you know, in the middle of nowhere. We did that on purpose to ‘get away’ from all the noise etc of city life. We play with the dogs, have our food delivered, and try to avoid the bombardment of political news while still knowing what is happening. I hope you are healthy and safe!

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  4. I’m ok Gael…. my overactive mind is writing a lot…. but that mentally wears me out, as I pour so inner energy into my poems… and a naturally a compassionate man, …. so my anxieties for others is again mentally draining for me… I seem to be continuelly tired…lethargic… but I’ll keep pushing myself…💙🌏


  5. Be gentle with yourself. I understand. (((Ivor)))


  6. I enjoy seeing your photos as we’ll not see spring flowers for a few weeks. So pretty, I especially love the orange poppies.

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