Thank God I’m a Country Girl

Gracie is our hunting dog. She was bred to got after birds but she much prefers lizards. She has caught a few. She brings them proudly to us but doesn’t like to let go. Once she does, they scramble away, physically unhurt. I can’t speak to their mental or emotional condition. Seems Gracie has an incredibly ‘soft’ mouth. That is something for which the local lizards are grateful.

A few days ago I heard a strange noise coming from the back of the refrigerator. I looked for the place that might have originated such a sound but found nothing. The next time I closed the refrigerator door, it happened again. Still, I could not locate the source.

The next day, the cat, Marley was pushing around an empty can that was stored under the butcher block. She was very intent upon that can. I looked and thought I saw a piece of an herb. I moved the can and the ‘herb’ skittered over my foot and under the stove. It little foot (paw?) had been sticking out from under the can!

Marley the Cat

Great. How do you catch a lizard that won’t come out from under the stove? I had visions of cooking the poor thing as it tried to avoid both the cat and the dog. (By the way, George had no interest in the lizard. It wasn’t food so he didn’t bother)

I didn’t see or hear the lizard for a couple of days. And the Marley began acting very strange around my stash.

NO. Not that kind of stash.

Yarn. Lots and lots of yarn in plastic containers and old cigar boxes stuffed on a bookshelf and shoved up against walls. It is all in what used to be our dining room. A 60′, eight shaft loom sits there now with all the accoutrements of a well supplied weaving studio.

It is a bit cramped and perfect for hiding from furry hunters.

Spouse notice his cat (yes, his cat. Marley almost tolerates me) is in hunting mode. A quick look, an even quicker use of a soft towel, and our reptile friend is now enjoying the great outdoors again.

Unharmed and oh, so grateful that Gracie has a soft mouth and Marley is slow to use her claws.

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  1. Thank you for the laugh, especially at the stash comment. You got me!!! LOL! OOOx


  2. Adored your story Gael… such a pleasure for me to as my first article this morning… haha .. yes it’s 9.30am and I have slept in … a lazy autumn day here in Geelong… and your lovely post reminded of this song .. enjoy… 😀🌏

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  3. Ivor, I didn’t get the song!!! I am on Facebook so send it there!

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  4. Ok Gael 😄🌏


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