Very often, here in the hinterlands of Central California, Spring fails to appear. We go from freezing nights to days in the 100’s (38 to 40 Celsius in other places!) in just a few hours. Tender new plants must be in transportable containers to bring them into the house at night and move them into the shade during the day.

All this falderal is supposed to keep the plants growing. But it sometimes becomes the source of their demise. When spring forgets to come, summer takes over and the roasting of plant life begins.


Some years there is rain. Some years there is none. When there is none Summer thinks it is time to get to work. But this year, despite the lack of wetness from the sky, Spring showed up for a bit.

The hot weather is on its way but for today–here is Spring…

Lilac in the morning
Gollum in the bird bath
First California Poppy of the year
The Peach Tree

Enjoy it. The Spring is, too often, too short.

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  1. Lovely photos, Gael, but I’d have thought Gollum might scare the birds away!

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  2. It was such a good picture of him that I couldn’t leave it out!!!

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