Blood Moon

It was only for a minute or two. The rain had started earlier and, well, that means cloud cover.

But I went outside anyway and peeking through the upper branches of the old oak tree was something reddish. And round.

I turned off the outside lights and moved to see the thing more clearly.

It was round and red and big. It seemed to sit on the ridge over which it was rising. It hovered there, clear of the clouds and surrounded by stars. The color oscillated at the edges. One second it showed yellow edging, the next it was deep red. It was glorious.

Then it disappeared.

The rain was coming again and, well, that means cloud cover.


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  1. It was indeed a glorious sight. I stupidly didn’t really allow myself to enjoy the moment as my camera decided to play up and I got worked up about that instead. I’d got up at 5.00 a.m. specially to see it and conditions were great here. Such a clear night..

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  2. How lucky you were that the clouds parted at just the right moment — and what a gorgeous shot you got! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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  3. Not my picture. I got it from the internet. My camera wouldn’t take it! I should have said something to that effect!! Ooops!

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  4. I fell asleep prior to the action. I did miss a good one, however, I have seen others before.

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