George and Gracie at Home

The rain had stopped. The air was clear and almost cold. Breath left no tell-tale sign but the hands and feet recognized the temperature. The word would be “bracing”. The sky was that enchanting shade of blue.

2019-01-19 11.18.11

A perfect morning to explore the surprises of the dog run. Erosion had to be examined. Puddles had to be explored. New scents (and old scents) had to be identified and traced.

A perfect morning for George and Gracie. And, as it turned out, a great day for human exploration.

Have you ever seen a chemise plant begin it blooming cycle?

2019-01-19 11.17.21

The wonders of the colors of plants. The red of rebirth gives a feeling of joy and wonder and led to the exploration of places not seen up close before. It required a little climbing around the rocks near the oak tree.

oak tree4

Behind that stately tree is the maze of dog trails and George’s “secret place”. It is where he goes when Gracie would rather hunt lizards. It is his quiet place. No one had been near his place since the fence had been built.

It was time to see the place. With George’s permission, of course.

The rock formations were fascinating.

The rains had turned brown to brilliant green. The rocks beckoned one to examine and learn.

Then George gave his permission to view his peaceful place.

george at the maze

He even showed me his favorite trail. Can you see George?

While Gracie spent most of her time hunting lizards, she was not one to refuse a photo opportunity!

gracie at the maze

This is their happy place. They are together but pursuing different objectives. They play, they rest, but mostly, they chase the ubiquitous tennis ball.

They even have a stash.

george's stash



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  1. Every creature needs a place for quiet. The Creator has put that in all creatures to allow them to find where every other creature is. Great post.

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  2. Thank you! I love writing about my dogs. They have taught me so much about me and the world around all of us.

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  3. I enjoyed this – would love to follow George and Gracie. This looks like a grand adventure! I have a cat, and she remains indoors at all times – well except for the teeny tiny backyard where I allow her to go in summer. (Mostly because I don’t want her to kill any birds)

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  4. We have an indoor cat that is attached to my spouse. I am invisible to her! I write alot about George and Gracie because they bring me such joy.

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  5. Totally understandable – I write about my cat from time to time for the same reason. šŸ™‚


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