Rainbow Bridge

He would stay by my side, leaning on me for balance. He slept with his body against my leg and he head on my lap. He let me carry him outside but he could not stand to do his business. If his head was not against me or a fence post, it would swing wildly back and forth…….

He was losing complete control of his body and he was afraid. Unless he was touching me.

It was time. He looked at me and I knew he was asking me to help.

We took Gracie with us on the long drive to the vet. And when he got there, something amazing happened.

The vet had a large, grass covered yard, fully fenced and shaded by old oaks. Gracie began to run. And George followed. For twenty minutes, with adrenaline pumping, he and Gracie were pups together again. Gracie knew. She would slow down for him or avoid his stumbling trajectory. And they ran and ran and ran.

Until George couldn’t. And his head started to wag.

We said goodbye sitting around him on the grass. Gracie sniffed him. We petted him and wished him a good and safe journey.

Then he was gone.

We will all be fine-including Gracie. But we miss that happy, ball chasing, lap dog that was George.

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  1. Big healing hugs for your loss of George. ♥

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  2. Oh Gael. I just don’t have words. I know how this feels. Pat


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  3. Sad news Gael .. and of course I’m shedding tears … but wow … what a graceful and glorious way to say goodbye .. Rest peacefully Georgie … ((Hugs)) from Ivor, and a woof woof from Frankie . xxoo

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  4. I’m so pleased you all had that time together. OOO ❤


  5. I’m so sorry Gael. A lovely way to say farewell to your beloved George. He left knowing just how loved he was.

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  6. I’m sorry for your loss…canines are angels

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  7. Gael,

    I’m glad you got to see him having a last joyous romp with Gracie.  Our hearts are with you.  Love, Cathy


  8. I’m so sorry, Gael, but you know his last minutes were happy ones, surrounded by love. Take care.


  9. Thank you. This one has been rough. He was so young.


  10. Bug hugs and Thank you so much for sharing, visiting, and commenting on posts at the Senior Salon Pit Stop.
    Pinned to Senior Salon Pit Stop InLinkz Linkup Shares board and tweeted @EsmeSalon #SeniorSalonPitStop

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